It’s a lifestyle.

After multiple iterations with a Voilé strap, single velcro strap, I finally landed on the double velcro strap with coozie design you see here. I tested this product on my local hill in spring of 2021 and received non-stop positive feedback and requests to buy them from me at the top and bottom of the lifts and while riding the runs.

Beer Binding 4-Pack
Beer Bindings Floating

No doubt this is a novelty statement ski & snowboard accessory, but for a mountain enthusiast who loves beer it’s really something special. A great gift for a skier or snowboarder who likes beer. As someone who’s had countless exploded backpack beers, and even broken a rib falling on a beer in my jacket pocket, this is the best solution to have that extra beer or two when you need it on the chair or at the safety meeting.

– Raleigh