Snowboard & Ski Beer Holder

Attach a beer to snowboard bindings, ski poles or ski boot buckles.

Snowboard Accessory Gift

No more bulky pockets, no more exploded backpack beers. Easy to attach and remove velcro straps. Open slowly and enjoy.

Attach a Beer to a Snowboard


You can also attach a beer to the main binding strap “St. Bernard” style. Multiple options to strap Beer Binding to your skis or snowboard.

Beer Binding Pro Retro Pink on Ski Pole

Ski Poles

The Beer Binding Pro works well with skis or snowboards. The skiers invited themselves to the party and a better product was born.

Beer Binding Pro Black on Highback


New design with thick foam “old school” coozie. More secure hold, more protection from puncture, and more insulation.

Stay Strapped.

Killer gift for a skier or snowboarder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t the beer explode?

Open slowly, and enjoy! Many quality beers have been enjoyed after full days of riding along in the Beer Binding. Beers will actually explode if you bury them and they freeze, the Beer Binding Pro provides the most insulation for those sub-arctic days..

My backpack/jacket has been working just fine. How can I sit down on a trail if this monstrosity is attached to me?

Oh yea the jacket & backpack work. This is for that extra one. It’s a bit novelty, but has been practical in use. Helps to avoid bulky pockets. On the binding you don’t even notice it. Never had a problem sitting down with bent knees in testing. Or you could always go St. Bernard style and mount it on the front.

Is it secure? Will the beer fly out?

If the velcro straps are properly cinched down, the beer is not going anywhere. Tighter the better. The Beer Binding Pro is most secure.

Is it practical and safe? What if it catches on a turn or a tree branch?

It’s designed to break free in those cases for those reasons. Lot’s of testing showed it’s a nice balance between secure yet breaks off when/if needed. If you are crashing all the time might need to slow down on the beers before you get hurt.

When mounted high on the highback, it does not drag on even the most leaned over hand drags. No worries.

Is this allowed at the resorts?

Yes. Lifties love it.

Is needing to drink and ride that important?

If you are asking this, the Beer Binding is not for you. If you love beer and snowboarding then, yes. It’s more about just being prepared, sometimes the beer makes it back to the parking lot.

Where can I buy Beer Bindings internationally?

Beer Bindings are available for international shipping: International Shipping

About Beer Binding

It’s a lifestyle, and an alter-ego. After countless exploded backpack beers, torn jacket pockets, and a broken rib after taking a slam on a pocket beer the Beer Binding was invented.